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Welcome To Equation Audio
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This is a web snapshot of my design of the Equation Audio website from 2009. Due to scheduling conflicts and workload, I suggested that EA hire an in-house developer that could provide daily updates, podcasts, and video footage to aggressively compete in thier market sector. With the launch of thier 3rd generation website, we remain good friends and I serve as a consultant and advisor to their new website.



The RP-22X Is A HOT Pick For Drummers:

The verdict is in: drummers think the RP-22X is a killer set of cans for stage and studio use.

The RP-22X has all the clarity and performance you would expect from a top notch pro headphone, with the added bass that drummers need to hear the low end through the mix.

A big challenge for percussionists on stage and in the studio is to get a solid bass sound in their monitor mix that is both loud enough to hear over the room, and completely isolated from the mics. No problem: the 22x features a frequency response that you won't find anywhere else, with drivers tuned to maximize bass without sacrificing any spectrum clarity, AND a special ear pad design to improve the bass response!

The 22x is converting drummers everywhere. As a matter of fact, we had a particular professional drummer order a whole box of em' to have handy in his project studio!

Equation does it again!

Studio Detail for General Institutional and Live Applications? YES you can!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can have your cake and eat it too! The long awaited DS.v10 dynamic microphone used by Tim Lawrence to such great effect during the past year is now shipping to the public!

Sure, we know there are a lot of great dynamics out there, but don't let their bloated price tags fool you: we know you will be amazed at the ability of this microphone to withstand the abuse of the most demanding live applications and provide the transient response and detail you are accustomed to hearing through your expensive studio microphones. No, your ears are not fooling you, it's just Beyond Equal!

Check out the DS-V10 today!

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